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Are you nearing the end of your studies? Preparing for an exhibition? Or writing a grant application? Hiring an expert to look over your writing before others see it can be the difference between Major and Minor revisions, audiences understanding (and buying!) your work, or securing that amazing grant.

I expertly edit theses, artist biographies and exhibition statements, grant and job applications, CVs, websites and more. I will read your writing and provide feedback that is clear and actionable.

Hire me
I have an eye for detail and I'm one of those rare people who knows when to use “which” or “that”. I have Supervised and Examined projects in Arts Administration, Art History, Curating, Fine Art and Theatre. I have edited texts in all of these fields, as well as: Literature, Gender Studies, Philosophy, Psychology, Chemistry and Government policy. As a Lecturer at UNSW Art & Design (2010-2016), and then Queensland College of Art (2017-2019), I have marked, literally, thousands of undergraduate essays. In other words, I'm skilled and experienced in reading your writing and tailoring the feedback you need. 

Contact me to get started
Simply email your draft to me via No job is too big or too small.


Short Texts*

Do you need quick, confidence-inspiring and professional feedback on a short piece of writing? I excel in radically improving small texts by introducing structure, clarity, evidence and engaging detail. This service is ideal for artist statements, artist biographies, CVs and exhibition applications, especially when a deadline looms.

After mentoring an artist through the process of rewriting an internship application, they wrote:

I cannot thank you for enough for all your help! You have seriously saved me and opened my eyes to things I was most likely doing wrong in the past! Honestly, I'm so glad I reached out for your help. Fingers crossed I get to the interview process! And even if not, I am thankful for the experience as I feel a lot more confident applying for jobs in the future.

30 mins $65

45 mins $80

1 hour $99

Long Texts*

Substantive Editing/Rewriting

You need substantive editing or rewriting if you have written a rough draft and you need someone with the time, skills and confidence to whip your text into a beautiful, convincing and polished piece of writing. This service is suitable for all writing except student essays or postgraduate theses.

$99 per hour

Structural Editing

You need structural editing if you have written a draft and you are stuck. Structural editing can provide you with big picture feedback on your clarity, structure, length, language and/or tone so you can confidently finish your writing.
$25 per 1,000 words

Proofreading and Copy Editing

You need proofreading if you are confident in your writing, structure and clarity, but you need a fresh pair of eyes to look for errors and/or inconsistencies in spelling, grammar and formatting. Copy editing is necessary if you have written your final, or near final, draft, and you are struggling with some sections, or you are unsure of your structure. Copy editing is often useful for writers with English as an additional language.
$30-50 per 1,000 words

Mentoring Meeting

You need a mentoring meeting if you are at any stage of the writing process and you are feeling stuck. I can provide advice on research, note-taking, writing, deadline and organisational strategies;
If you want to talk through mine or others' feedback.
$99 per 45-minute discussion

Weekend and Rush Rates

Need something done yesterday? I can help.

All services

20% loading for weekends and/or less than 24 hours turnaround

Texts over 10,000 words

20% loading for less than one weeks' notice and/or less than 24 hours turnaround per 10,000 words


What you receive

I use Microsoft Word Track Changes to edit so you can easily review all of my feedback. I provide specific, clear and actionable feedback that aligns with your timeline and your goals. Where suitable, I provide a personalised Style Guide so you can ensure any further edits you make are internally consistent.

Want more? I can meet with you one-on-one to discuss your writing hurdles and tailor solutions to your needs.

* All prices include GST
* Prices are approximate as the level of labour and expertise varies from project to project. 
* Discounts are available for undergraduate students and emerging artists.
* See Mentoring for even more ways that I can help you.

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