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I work with a huge range of creatives, writers, researchers, arts and research organisations.

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Emily Parsons-Lord

MENTORING: Grants & Prizes  

Emily Parsons-Lord

Dr Louise Mayhew is extremely talented, passionate, and generous. I have been writing grant and project applications for years, with reasonable success, but the opportunity to work with Louise presented itself recently and I learnt SO MUCH! Louise showed me how to support my flowery language with more concrete facts in a way that elevated both styles to make a cohesive whole. She helped me to parse my experiences to amplify the notable moments that tell the story of my practice with precision and elegance. Louise's extensive knowledge of the arts sector paired with her nuanced insight into creative practice helped me to celebrate my work and position my application with clarity

Gerwyn-Davies-Adonis-LR (1).jpg

EDITING: PhD Thesis 

Gerwyn Davies

Dr Louise R Mayhew’s proofreading of my PhD thesis was invaluable. Louise’s amendments were considered and comprehensive and the feedback insightful, demonstrating Louise’s tremendous capacity to work comfortably across a range of arts research topics. I received a personalised style guide, which laid out the decisions behind Louise’s grammatical and structural edits, as well as offered additional changes for my consideration. Louise managed to invite greater clarity to my thesis without tempering my voice in the writing. With the inevitable emotional and intellectual exhaustion that comes at the end of the research journey, having Louise interrogate the writing so thoroughly made me far more comfortable and confident about bringing the research project to its close.

Adam Southgate Awake Elsewhere.jpg

WRITING: Artist Statement 

Adam Southgate

Dr Louise Mayhew has been a godsend when it comes to her writing skills and how easy it is to communicate what I need. In particular for me, writing about art. With her knowledge of art history and academic writing, she has the ability to articulate nuances in my art that I myself struggle to phrase

Leah Schrager


Joseph Ruckli

Dr Mayhew’s course was unlike any other I have taught into over the past seven years I have worked as a sessional academic. The seminar-style delivery encouraged greater student engagement and catalysed uniquely stimulating, lively dialogues. By thoughtfully sequencing and blending lectures with class discussion and exercises, Dr Mayhew created a dynamic, participatory learning environment.



Tess Maunder

Louise is rigorous, consistent and efficient in her approach to her work and client relations. She presents a friendly, timely and in-depth knowledge of the sector and due to this provides well-developed recommendations that have seen return on investment.

Sean Crookes

WRITING: Exhibition Essay 

Sean Crookes

I contacted Louise Mayhew to write a catalogue essay for an upcoming show and Louise’ professionalism made me feel immediately at ease. Louise made note of my important dates and we negotiated a structured timeline for completion. I provided photographs of my work with some background information, artist statement and my cv. Louise and I had an interview a few days later.  I could tell from her thoughtful questions that Louise had engaged with the material I’d sent and carefully prepared for the interview.  Louise was considerate and patient on the occasions I struggled to articulate my thoughts and, as is the nature of conversations when participants are attentive, more questions evolved as the interview progressed.  Louise prepared and delivered the draft copy on the agreed date and I could not have been happier with her essay. I highly recommend Louise’s services.

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